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Privacy Policy

I take my clients privacy seriously and am fully committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected.

Third party privacy statement 
Your information does not get shared with anyone else within my private practice.
I will never try to obtain information about you from any third party without your knowledge and consent.
I will never share your information with any third party - unless you have explicitly told me that you would like me to so.

There are only three exceptions where I do not need consent to share information to a third party, these are in the territories around; safe guarding, when I am required to by law, or any potential risk to life.

I am required as a professional psychotherapist to have regular supervision with another professional therapist, however, I will never disclose any personal identifying information about you, although clinical matters maybe discussed in order to provide you with the best professional therapeutic support.

The lawful basis for processing your data
I only use information about my clients in ways that are essential for me to fulfil my role as an effective psychotherapist.

My practice is registered with the Information Commissioners Office, the UK authority for upholding data protection, ( I am bound by their policies with regards your privacy, as well as the UKCP’s code of professional practice.

Disclaimer: Your role in protecting your own privacy
I make every effort to ensure that my clients' personal information is held securely whether it is received via my website, emails, text, online or phone or in person. At the same time, in agreeing to my privacy policy:
You acknowledge that the privacy of your communications and personal information can never be completely guaranteed when it is being transmitted over the internet. 
You acknowledge and agree that you share information via the internet at your own risk.
You agree to take responsibility for your own role in safeguarding your data privacy in the email address you choose to use. 

How do I obtain information about you?
I obtain information from:
- what you choose to share with me when you contact me
- sessions we have together in person face to face, by phone or online
- your health insurance company or healthcare provider, if relevant, and with your consent 
- If we agree to work together, I will of course get to know you and keep notes of our sessions together

Your privacy when you first get in touch 
I'll only keep your contact information so I have the capacity to respond and be of help to you. 

Your privacy in our working together 

Emailing each other 
After we have decided on an initial appointment I will usually send you a confirmation email detailing the venue, fee and other relevant practicalities.

Obtaining information from third parties 
If your therapy is being funded via a health insurance company, your insurance company may provide me with information, but this would never be without your prior knowledge and consent, in accordance with your agreed contract with them.

On occasion, with your prior knowledge and consent, I may have reason to ask to obtain information from other healthcare providers involved in your care.

What type of information do I collect about you? 
I will collect the following personal information from you if we decide to work together:
 - Your name and contact details including your date of birth (DOB)
- Who should be contacted in case of an emergency (e.g. next of kin)
- GP address
- Details of any medication you maybe on

If health insurance is funding your sessions I will need your name, DOB, address, plus your membership and authorisation codes to pass security checks with your health insurance company.                            
There are of course some things that I must, legally, have a written record of, if it is in direct relation to your safety or the safety others, such as emergency contact information, or information related to suicide risk, child protection, domestic abuse, or other violent crime, or should I ever need to account for my clinical decisions and/or respond to complaints. 

Transparency of record keeping 
Records comprise of: 
- the emails, reports, forms or letters you have decided to send or ccd to me
- emails, reports, forms or letters I have sent or ccd to you to the email address of your choice
- any information you have forwarded to me from a healthcare provider or insurance company
- any information I have received from a healthcare provider I will always show you if you have not already been ccd 
- any information I send to an insurance company or healthcare provider I will make sure you have a chance to read and rectify as appropriate before I send 

Who I may need to share your information with

Third parties
There may be occasions when I need to share personal information about my clients with third parties, specifically, your insurance company or other health professionals involved in your care (see below). When I do so, I comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

Your insurance company
If you are claiming the cost of your sessions through your insurance company, your insurance company may request details of your treatment and progress from me in order to authorise further funding for your treatment.  I will share the minimum amount of information necessary with your insurance company.

Specialist healthcare providers 
I will always ask you for your consent before sharing any personal or sensitive information when liaising with other health professionals who may be involved in your care. 
I will also check with you what information you do and do not wish for me to share. I only share information that would be of direct importance to your healthcare i.e. directly relevant to you getting the most appropriate treatment for your needs. I would ensure you have a copy of any email or report I send.

How long do I store your data?
My retention period is three years after we have ended therapy after which I will destroy any written case notes and any files I have on the computer.

Your Individual Rights
You have a number of rights when it comes to your personal data. I have listed three particularly important rights here

Your right of Access 
You have a right to make a written request for the details of personal information that I hold about you.
You can simply email me and I will be happy to share the records that I have for you.

Your right to rectification
If you believe that any information I am holding on you is incorrect, incomplete or needs updating, please email me with details and I will promptly make the right changes. I will always show you any report or letter I write to a third party before I send it, and invite you to rectify it as you see fit. 

Your right to portability
Any information that gets generated in our work together, such as reports or letters, you are most welcome to share with other people if that would be helpful to you.  I will do my best to only keep information in a form that is easily portable for your convenience. 

Your right to lodge a formal complaint 
If you believe that your rights under the GDPR regulation have been infringed, or that the processing of personal data relating to you does not comply with lawful regulation, visit the Information Commissioners Office  to find out how such matters can be dealt with on your behalf. Their helpline is 0303 123 1113.

Contact me if you have any questions
If you have any questions or concerns about how your data is processed or shared, please do not hesitate to contact me by emailing on or on 079 8029 2913


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